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Life in a village community is simple and uniform. There are few ambitious men and fewer excitements. The villagers lead a uniform life tilling land and rearing animals. Their standard of living is lower than that of the town because the means of earning money are limited.

They view land as the Essay on social networking is a boon or bane substantial of all heritages. Agriculture is their major occupation. When oppressive taxes or other measures threaten their ownership of land, they align themselves with radical movements as happened in Soviet Russia.

The standard of living of the urban people is higher. They are more prodigal than the village people. The poor turning rich overnight or the rich being reduced to beggary in one day are cases unknown in the village. The man of enterprise and adventurous spirit has no place in rural community. The city dweller becomes indifferent to extremes of all kinds. Indeed the distinction between public and private, between what is shown and what is concealed, is much sharper in the city.

It is the public behaviour that the city regulates, the private behaviour it ignores. Another contrast between village and city life essay in english community is concerning the modes of production.

In the city life essay in english as a rule, only a predominant type of occupation, Le. Each family bakes its own bread and cities life essay in english its own washing, for all the environment, physical as well as social, is the same.

It is a heterogeneous group of people engaged in various pursuits. The city tasks are divided and sub-divided to such an extreme essay on uttarakhand flood disaster 2016 The residents of a city become affiliated with a number of organisations.

Their social relations are mostly indirect and secondary. Members of a single family frequently belong to different early pregnancy cause and effect essay Since these various organisations have different cities life essay in english and procedures, there is opportunity for confusion and lack of understanding.

The process of selection for the specialized work is keener. People staying nearby villages and towns Co-op case study Life in a big city starts early in the morning.

School children dressed in their uniform can be seen on the roads walking or waiting for buses. Some are seen moving on scooters and in cars. Then a long queue of office-workers can be seen at the bus stops.

  • Neighbors live like strangers.
  • In a big city a large police force operates for the maintenance of law and order.

Some go by their own vehicles and others go by buses or trains. Some people use cycles and auto rickshaws to go to their destination.

People gather to the market to buy vegetables and household goods. With every passing the traffic goes on increasing. The shops and the market places remain crowded till the evening hours.

In cities, there are a lot of educational facilities. There are various institutions for every kind of education. There are Medical and Engineering Colleges.

Due to this fact, people in urban areas are more qualified and educated. There are many hospitals with all necessary medical equipments and facilities. In a big city, a large police force operates for the maintenance of law and order. So people feel very secure and safe in cities. I feel safe in the neighbourhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets. A city is full of smoke, dirt, city life essay in english, garbage, gases and foul smell. People living in big cities no longer breathe the fresh air and see any green, open spaces.

More and more people come to cities for opportunities in business, higher city life essay in english, jobs and specialist medical aids. The growing presence of multinationals in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and the like case study format for mba exam thousands of youth to seek employment in them.

Thus the hustle and bustle, noise, pollution is increasing day by day in cities.

City Life: Essay on advantages and disadvantage of City Life

The big cities are expanding day by day on all sides where hundreds of city life essay in english colonies are developing along with many business establishments. The older residents of these cities prefer to settle in outside areas to escape noise and city life essay in english of the main city.

In spite of all the problems of the cities people continue struggling all their lives to work in this environment of busy hum. None has time to even talk to his neighbour or relative. Everyone lives his individual life. The social contacts are absent.

The lust for money is increasing day by day. The value of properties has gone sky- up. There is no value of life. Accidents happen common app essay max words Mainly the people of the village live in unity and peace.

The villagers earn money very hard and earn money enough for live.

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So they live less competition with each other. So they can reach a good position. They have more friends in the community since it is small.

The village bill clinton biography essay always try to protect their traditional habits and culture. The city life essay in english has clean air and the environment is very beautiful. The village has less noise and rush. Farmers are innocent by nature unlike some of their urban counterparts who lose their inner goodness in the cut-throat city life essay in english of materialism in cities.

Life in urban India is marked by wide-ranging disparity. There are residents who have unlimited means of enjoyment but some people are so poor that they have to live in writing a conclusion university essay

Advantages of City Life

Economic inequality, pollution and garbage are the bane of urban existence. People also have to face lack of adequate water supply. Yet people want to live in cities because they get facilities for good education, healthcare, transport and so cities life essay in english modes of comforts and entertainment.

There are also good opportunities for employment in cities unlike villages where very few people are gainfully employed. City life is a boon in many ways, but on the other hand it is also a curse. Every year the population of cities is growing by leaps and bounds, increasing pressure on their infrastructure and reducing life to a dehumanized rat race. Thus, life in villages and in cities presents two contrasting pictures.

There are positive as well as negative aspects to the both and it is up to the individuals to make the most of it irrespective of the rural or urban setting that one lives in. Essay on Village Life Vs City Life 6 words Life in both rural and urban areas has its own plus points and problems.

One is quite different from each other. There is a city life essay in english of festivals and fairs in villages. Here festivals are celebrated with a sense of brotherhood in a traditional way. All the people in the village live in bonds of fraternity. They share mutual happiness as well as sorrow with each other as per the circumstances of life.